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Welcome to Promofix Media Representative


PromoFixs innate philosophy is highlighted by four vital elements: world class excellence, interminable innovation, top notch quality and perpetual growth. Our cast-iron philosophy leads our sales and marketing teams day to day to innovate, service and present our clients with memorable products and superior service that is second to none.



Using creativity to generate new and modernized media services.

To become on of the most sought after mid-size Media agencies across the nation and the MENA region with high creativity, performance and customer responsiveness.



Promofix provides fast, reliable, and quality media services to small and major sized businesses in Lebanon

Promofix is comprised of only the most innovative individuals that form a family of outstanding potential and talent. Our family can be best described as brand oriented, creative focused strategic thinkers and proactive leaders.


A new way of thinking.


Promofix Clients:

Khoury Home

Ghaddar Construction

Aljadeed TV

Alfa 3G

Royal Forex Trading

ITN Broker

Sit and Sleep

Word Trade Center


We are always looking for talent.

- We are always looking for talent.

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Verdun, Verdun Trade Center | Bloc B 8th Floor | Beirut Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 788 200

Tel: +961 1 799 996

Fax: +961 1 792 900

Sister Companies


Promo Prints

PromoPrints is a media regie specialized in prints in Lebanon and across the Middle East. Our scope of work is defined by two major axes: publications that we own and others that we represent.

Our aim is to always provide high satisfaction for the readers whom we consider as partners and primary judges on the quality of our publications.


Established in November 2008
TVs media representative
Handles the following stations:
Handles advertisement placement on TVs
Contribute in the success and development of its channels
Meets with clients interest